system clock is too slow

John Thompson JohnThompson at
Thu Jul 29 14:09:29 UTC 2004

Gang Qin wrote:

> John Thompson wrote:
>> How old is the battery?  You can use ntp to keep the clock syncronized 
>> with a time server on the internet but if the battery is going, ntp is 
>> only a band-aid.  If you have a dead battery and power down 
>> (intentionally or otherwise) you may have an unbootable system when 
>> you try to power up again.

> The laptop is one year old so I assume the battery is one year old. Does 
> the batttery matter if I use AC power? 

The MB battery that runs the clock chip should be good for several years 
at least. This battery is separate from the main battery that powers the 
computer itself.


-John (john at

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