How do I start a second X server

Rasmus Back rasmus.back at
Fri Jul 30 07:38:01 UTC 2004

Hi all.

I have two graphic cards in my system and I'm trying to configure the
second card so that I can use its tv-out feature to play dvds on my
tv. Since I only watch movies once in while I'd like to be able to
start a second X server with a minimal window manager and specify the
server layout for the tv-out video card. Probably something like
"startx twm -- -layout tv-out :1".

I thought that the startx command would do it but it fails with the
error: /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm:  bad command line option "twm". startx
without the "twm" option tries to start another gnome-session on vt8.

So, any suggestions?


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