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Rick Stevens rstevens at
Mon Mar 1 21:30:54 UTC 2004

Randy Kelsoe wrote:
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> Jeff Largent wrote:
>>No such thing as wrong order on the ide cable, that is the reason
>>for ide master/slave jumpers on ide devices, the device settings
>>not the position on ide cable determine which device is first and
>>which is second.
> This is true most of the time. I have worked on some HP PC's that have
> their IDE cables marked MASTER and SLAVE. The drive plugged into the
> MASTER end of the cable is a MASTER, regardless of it's jumpers.

Jeeze!  I love that sort of stuff.  Kinda like IBM's tweak of the
floppy cable, assuming people were incapable of changing the jumper
on the floppy.  "Ship them all jumpered as drive 1, the put a funky
twist in the cable to swap DS0 and DS1 on the end connector."  Sheesh!
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