Kickstart install

Steve Bergman steve at
Thu Mar 4 16:49:49 UTC 2004

Douglas Furlong wrote:

>I noticed while i was playing with the Kickstart stuff, that it appears
>to install all the language versions even if I tell it not to. I am sure
>I am missing some thing, but I am not too sure what (yet).
>Does this help?

Yes. Thank you.  I thought about NFS, but I prefer the simplicity of 
having everything self contained on the Cd(s), at least at first.  After 
I sell them on the idea, I'll have more options and DHCP/NFS is one I'd 
probably implement.

Yes, that helps.  That was my impression too.  Now, if someone knows how 
to make it stop doing that? ;-)

Wish me luck!  This is the biggest Windows -> Linux desktop conversion 
I've ever pitched.


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