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Sat Mar 6 14:28:31 UTC 2004

Srinivasan S wrote:

>On Sat, 06 Mar 2004 Aaron Matteson wrote :
>>Srinivasan S became daring and sent these 2.9K bytes,
>>>Hi Folks
>>>Yesterday I had posted on a problem I have with the DHCP not responding to my cable modem setup.  I got a lot of answers but didn't change the situation.
>>>My setup :
>>>eth0 - local n/w
>>>eth1 - cable modem, set to request for DHCP
>>>The error is that I do not get a client IP.
>>>(This was the error I had previously also.)
>>>I went ahead and did a little more .. since this is a dual boot I booted windows and got my ip status. Then in Fedora I set it to the ip obtained via windows, set the gateway and subnet mask and the primary DNS and secondary DNS.  Activated it and it worked beautifully.
>>>This means that my NIC is fine, the modem is communicating to the correct NIC.The only problem is now the DHCP client configuration.  In addition I also turned off Firewall and the DHCPD that was running on eth0.  No success.
>>>Can someone help me on this now that I have been able to zero in that the only issue is setting up dhcp client.
>>I recently engaged this exact problem exc. with a WinXP machine. How i
>>solved it was to grab the IP/dns server addresses by hand from the WinXP
>>machine and enter them statically to the linux box. This can be done
>>because you are getting a static address anyways, the DHCP server is
>>just a formality to make things easier.
>>Just enter the ip addy, subnet and the gateway manually, then add the
>>dns servers to /etc/resolv.conf then powerdown the modem then power it
>>back up (not from the soft shutdown button on the top of the modem, just
>>pull the plug and put it back in) and you should be set.
>>This is what i had to do, given you are having the same issue as i had,
>>i suspect this should resolve your problem.
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>Hi Aaron
>I already did what you just described and it works.
>Does this mean there is no way to setup dhcp client ?  
>Doesn't appeal that something is possible in stupid windows
>and not in linux .. hmmm
I used redhat-config-network,  set the eth0 to dhcp,  saved it, 
restarted the network, and it worked perfectly.
The one time I had a problem was when there was a default gateway set on 
the other adapter :-(.
Removed that error and again, flawless operation.

At times when there is a problem with the cable signal and it burps I 
have had to power cycle the modem but it always comes back right away. 
 I have never had to manually input the values received from the DHCP 
server and mine works flawlessly.

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