[Hand Holding] was [ANNOUNCE] New mailing list: fedora-selinux

Andrew Robinson awrobinson at cox.net
Sun Mar 7 05:01:23 UTC 2004

Aaron Matteson wrote:

>I think having to explain everything in every announcement is pretty
>rediculous. It should be common knowledge, even for new windows
>imagrants to use google. More and more time and energy are being spent
>on holding-the-newbies-hand in addition to changing his/her diapers for
>Common people, if you do not know something typing google.com is a hell
>of a lot easier then typing out an email to bitch.
I respectfully disagree. No, the announcer does not have to explain 
everything. But I don't see the huge effort in supplying a sentence or 
two to describe what the software does. After the first announcement, it 
would be canned anyway.

I've been working with Unix since 1988. I appreciate that Linux gives me 
the power of Unix for the cost of PC hardware. But the volume and 
variety of software is vastly greater for Linux than for any Unix 
variant I ever worked with in the past. If you have developed some 
software that you think would be useful to me or others, tell us about 
it! If you expect me to discover it, I probably will not. And that's a 
loss for both of us.

You are correct, it would have been far easier for me to google 
"SELinux" than type out an email to bitch. The reason I went to the 
trouble was to make a point I thought would be useful to the community. 
I apolgize for phrasing it in a manner that ruffled feathers.

Andrew Robinson

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