Installing FC1 on HP Pavillion 6330

Steve Bergman steve at
Mon Mar 15 14:53:29 UTC 2004

I am trying to install FC1 on an HP Pavillion 6330.  Intel i810 video is 
reported.  The machine has 64MB of ram, 11MB shared with the video. 
Near the beginning of the install, after it had successfully brought up 
X, I get a pop up window indicating that I an "trying to install on a 
machine which is not supported by this release of Fedora Core".

This machine will be configured to initiate an XDMCP session with a RH9 
server, period.  The fact that X has already started tells me that 
enough is working for that.  So:

1. What is it complaining about?

2. How can I tell it to go ahead and install anyway?

I don't have the machine right here, but if more information about the 
machine is required, I can get it later today.

Steve Bergman

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