Problem Accessing Specific Site

Steve Bergman steve at
Mon Mar 15 15:27:54 UTC 2004

William Hooper wrote:

> Asked and answered several times in the fedora-test-list (you need to turn
> off ECN because has broken equipment).  You should
> subscribe to fedora-test-list if you are running the FC2 Test1.

Asked and answered many times, yes.  But never fixed.  Does anyone know 
if Linksys has ever fixed the problem on their end, or is this going to 
be an endless battle?  In the end, it reflects badly on Linux, not 
Linksys.  As far as the end user is concerned, "everyone else" (i.e. 
everyone using Windows) can get to the affected sites.  It's just Linux 
that can't.  I find myself wondering if ECN being on by default is 
really worth it.


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