Updating VSFTPD from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1.

William H. Bowen bowenw at whbowen.com
Thu Mar 18 02:46:09 UTC 2004

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  If you don't mind me jumping in in the 
middle of this discussion, that list of FTP 
programs looks pretty normal to me. Pretty 
much matches (except for versions) my RH 
9 system.

  If you are running VSFTPD under XINETD, 
the way I kill and restart it is via WebMin: go 
to Servers, Extended Internet Services, and 
you can stop and restart any service run via 
XINETD there. You could consult the 
documentation for XINETD to get the 
command line syntax for this function, which 
I do not remember off the top of my head.

  Bill Bowen
  Sacramento, CA

P.S. I don't know if your experience with 
Fedora is the same or not, but VSFTPD 
seems to be much happier running under 
XINETD on my RH9 box than as a stand-
alone (under XINETD was the default in 
RH8; changed to stand-alone in RH9 for I 
cannot remember what reason). From what I 
can gather by reading the docs available out 
there, even the developers of VSFTPD 
recommend running the program under 

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> > Run > rpm -qa "*ftp*" < to see if other ftp packages are 
> > installed. But
> > I believe vsftpd service is still active within xinetd. As 
> > vsftpd is not
> > standalone on your system it is wrong way to kill a vsftpd process.
> > 
> > Alexander
> > 
> After I ran the command: rpm -qa "*ftp*" the following results were
> displayed.
> lftp-2.6.10-1
> ftp-0.17-18
> vsftpd-1.2.0-5
> gftp-2.0.14-5
> Is this standard stuff for fedora? I am not familiar with any of these from
> what I have read.
> What in your opionion is the proper way to kill a vsftpd process when using
> xinetd?
> Thanks
> /g
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