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Sun Mar 21 19:34:06 UTC 2004

S. Gongola wrote:
> Your Mail service provider seems to of blacklisted my domain???

I could be so, because it is a public provider (my college mail account 
is too small for subscribing to mailing lists :)

> On Sun March 21 2004 10:29 am, thedogfarted wrote:
>>S. Gongola wrote:
>>>I mostly pipe everything through SDL. mplayer works through SDL, and most
>>>games use SDL. Like when I'm playing a shooting game when I press fire, I
>>>hear the shooting sound about a second later. Can I do anything to SDL to
>>>give it realtime priority?
>>I had similar issue when i switched from oss to alsa (via mobo with
>>onboard sound, 2.4.22-1.2174.nptl kernel). Look at the logs, there sould
>>be a few lines at the sound card initialization that asks you to set an
>>option for the driver. I tried one and now there are no more delays.
>>(I'm not at my box now so i can't tell you exact name and value of the
> What logs?

If i remember correctly it should be kernel startup log (open 
Applications>System Tools>System Log, Kernel log), look for sound card 
init. If you have the same issue i had the answer is there :)


dmesg | grep -C snd

> When you get to your box please tell me.

I doubt it would be very soon :(

> Thank you

thedogfarted *

PS.:* - sk. Kurts Vonneguuts "Lopkautuve Nr. 5"

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