setting up cable internet connection

Brian Chase networkr0 at
Fri Mar 26 01:55:16 UTC 2004

Not sure which Road Runner you're using, but I'm with BrightHouse 
Networks in Central Florida and have written confirmation that they DO 
block the following ports (25,137-139,80).

The only way I got my site up was using Custom DNS service from, an addl, mailhop and webhop redirect to a non-standard port 
on my Linux box.  I run http/smtp/ssh/pop3/imap with no problems off a 
75MHz P-1 with 96Mb RAM running Fedora core 1 in runlevel 3.

For another $40/mo on top of the $50 I'm paying now, I can get Business 
Road Runner and get the exact same service except they open up port 80 
and 25, but it's more economical to stick with DynDNS at this stage.


Jakarta wrote:

> * dalen (dalen at on [040325 09:09] thus spake:
>>   You might check if Comcast has other sub ISPs that allow servers.  
>>TimeWarner used to only have RoadRunner which disallows servers.  Now 
>>they also have AOL,, and Earthlink. and Earthlink 
>>allow non-commercial servers on residential accounts and do not block 
>>ports.  I use Earthlink now for this reason.
> I believe Road Runner allows non-commercial servers as well. I run
> http/smtp/ssh/etc. without any problems. They only block samba/netbios
> at the router level (ports 137-139) but that is because of security
> issues.

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