About RULE for FC1, was: 486 install?

Travis Fraser travis at snowpatch.net
Wed Mar 31 14:10:04 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 04:06, Thomas King wrote:
> >
> >Yes, currently RULE is "stuck" to Red Hat 9. The reason is simply that
> >I moved to a new apartment (as in"still living with cardboard boxes in
> >the living room...") and the other developers had, AFAIK, similar
> >offline problems at the same time.
> >I suggest that you subscribe to the RULE list and post there
> >an "is anybody working on FC1?"
> I looked over your website and cannot find any of the downloads, even for 
> RH9. I take it there won't be any until all of the developers are settled 
> back in. I'd love to try this out for a small charter school whose network 
> I'm working on. They have a bunch of 133MHz white boxes that I want to use 
> as non-essential file servers.
If all you want is file serving, as long as you have disk space, just do
a minimal text install with no X/GUI and use NFS or Samba.

Travis Fraser

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