BIND 9 Problem - DNS Forwarding

Kh Linux at
Mon Nov 1 10:36:15 UTC 2004

Dear Paul:

Thanks again for your response.

> So you are using a nameserver on your LAN at Who maintains
> that nameserver? Is that your IP address?

Yes. And I have a CISCO PIX Firewall who will do the NAT for all local
addresses in 192.168.1.x.

It's been like this for years now. Recently, my old SuSe 6.2 server crashed;
it was running BIND 8 with forwarding to my ISP and very fast. When I
started anew, I would like to shift to RedHat but still wondering which
version is the best. I decided first to go for RH7.3 but then, IPTABLES did
not seem to be complete;so I decided to go for RH9.0. I've been searching
around and found that many people encountered the same problem but no clear

Let me raise it again; the problem is that, I usually get this error message
from named:
";;Connection timed out; no servers could be reached" when I do "# host", but after the second or third try, it responds correctly.

Could you suggest which RedHat/Fedora version I should use? I cannot wait
for FC3.

The only 3 most important packages I need are: BIND, Squid and IPTABLES. I'd
like very much get RH Enterprise 3, but it's not avaiable in the market
here; and don't know where and how to buy one.

And, what could be the problem with my DNS server behind the PIX Firewall
and with its IP being masqueraded? As I pointed above we had no problem with
the old server (running SuSe 6.2 with BIND 8).

Thanks again and regards,

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