UPS for a single system using apcupsd.

Scot L. Harris webid at
Tue Nov 2 01:08:05 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 19:43, Bob Cahn wrote:
> I'm contemplating buying an APC Back-UPS ES Battery Backup (BE500U). 
> >From reading the HOWTOs there appears to be the APC UPS daemon at
>  Can anyone advise if this is a simple or a complex
> project.  I lose power about once every 2 weeks in winter and it's only
> a matter of time before the disk gets zapped.

If you don't have a UPS get one!  Even if you don't setup any of the
automatic shutdown stuff it will save you in the long run.  

I have five UPS's for the computers and associated equipment and
recently installed a sixth one for the TV, DVD, and VCR to protect them
during the brief power outages that happen here all the time (last one
was this morning).

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