White Box /RHEL 3 on a Mac?

Mark Farmer farmerma at cromwell.co.uk
Wed Nov 3 14:29:54 UTC 2004

linux r wrote:
> Hi,
> 1.  I need to set up a mail server and also apache with a tiny site. 
> Can I run this on a G4 or G5 without too much of a headache?  I have
> never really messed with Mac's but I know there is a lot of friendly
> overlap between the linuxes/BSDs etc, and macs in terms of software. 
> I am not a developer, more of a sysadmin, and if I have to spend too
> many hours messing with it, forget it!
> 2.  If so, would I need to get another <distribution> to run on a mac?
>  Would that be the wise thing to do here?  Or can I just get a version
> of White Box ?  I don't think there is another version out there, but
> I am wondering if that is necessary, of if I can just load with the
> 'regular' i386 version that I have.  [In case you are wondering I do
> not have the machine with me, otherwise I would try it myself.]
> 3.  If you read the White Box site, it has some pretty attractive
> message about being able to avoid the 'upgrade treadmill' until at
> least Oct. 2008.  Your thoughts, please!
> 4.  And let's say that I DO have to pay Red Hat for one server
> license.. out of curiosity....any idea what that might cost?  This is
> a nonprofit-to-be and there are absolutely no funds at the moment and
> for the foreseeable while.
> I am trying to get this thing started asap.  Any info is appreciated !
>  Thanks in advance !
> Marc

As far I am aware there is no PPC version of RedHat/Fedora/WBEL - someone correct me if I am 
wrong :-)

There is a PPC version of Gentoo but that takes a long time to install.

There is a Debian port to ppc: http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/

Mark Farmer
Linux System Administrator

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