Sendmail FC2

Paul Howarth paul at
Wed Nov 3 15:35:09 UTC 2004

Jonathan Allen wrote:
>>>Given that this machine can't see the 'Net, where is it getting the name
>>>of the relay machine from ?
>>It can't even see DNS?
> No, it can see DNS - on the mail server, which is running dnsmasq.  But
> surely that will simply look things up - it wouldn't supply the name of
> a relay machine, other than the mail-hub it's been told to use.
> Or is this an MX problem ?  Is the old server asking the DNS for an MX
> record and being directed to the ISP's mail-backup server rather than
> coming straight through to the new mail server ?

It's as if it can't resolve the primary MX and is therefore going for the next 
one, relay-1/ The strange thing is though that it should be 
using the smart host on your internal network rather than going for the MX 
hosts anyway.

Are you sure sendmail is using the right file? ISTR that in old 
versions of Red Hat Linux, was in /etc rather than /etc/mail


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