using samba with red hat / fedora firewall on - trouble accessing shares on other comp

Gerald Thompson geraldt at
Thu Nov 4 11:38:02 UTC 2004

John Morrison wrote:

>After making your changes to the firewall did you try service iptables
>restart and service network restart, might as well do service smb
>restart also. I had the same problem and restarting those services
>seemed to have solved it.
>Hope this helps.
Hi John;

Thanks for the input, that seemed to partially solve the issue.

What I found was that with the firewall on I can browse the computers by 
IP address, but not by computer names.  When I try to browse for the 
computers in the workgroup the request times out on me.  On both Linux 
computers if I browse by IP they have no trouble accessing the shares.

The Win XP comp can see all the computers in the workgroup and it is 
able to browse by computer name.

I am thinking this may have something to do with tightness of security.  
I know the Win XP Firewall is probably more permissive of local network 
traffic then the redhat firewall/iptables is.  Perhaps to browse by 
workgroup and computer name I may have to allow traffic on the local  IP 
range in iptables.

Gerald Thompson
geraldt at

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