can't boot after upgrade

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Upgraded my fc2 to fc3, the result is that i can't boot into Fedora anymore.

When i boot i see that audio etc is started, then the misery begins:
First "configuring kernel parameters" just hangs, nothing happens, when 
i hit ctrl +c the boot process continues, with errors like:
"touch: cannot touch /var/lock/subsys/kudzu",
"touch: cannot touch /var/lock/subsys/network",
"touch: cannot touch /var/lock/subsys/firestarter",
then "starting system logger" hangs, no response with ctrl+c, 
ctrl+alt+del works though

any help appreciated, do i have to reinstall?


Using your installation disks boot up linux rescue and mount your drives.  Switch to the /mnt/sysimage/var/lock
directory and make sure there is a subsys directory.  If it is NOT there, create it.  If it IS there, switch to the directory and remove the files mentioned above.  It is my suspecion that the directory does not exist as I had a similar problem and adding the missing directory cleared the problem (this was with FC2 for a direct upgrade from RH9).

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