Grip acting strange

Peter Collier pecb at
Tue Nov 9 21:36:24 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 03:20, Gene Smith wrote:
> When I rip+encode a track from a cd I get a wav file (from rip) and an 
> ogg file (from encode). However, the ogg file (or mp3 file if I use a 
> mp3 encoder) is only a few Kb in size (should be a few Mb in size) and 
> the wav and ogg file "play" but with no sound (even with vol at max.) I 
> have old ogg and mp3 and wav files that play fine that I made with old 
> pre-fc grip from long ago. Any idea what this could be?
> -gene

     I had this once, I think it's to do with your settings and that you
have required files installed for those settings. For the ripper I have
grip cdparanoia as the ripper (check it's installed) rip file format as
~/ogg/%A/%d/%n.wav , encoder as oggenc, encoder executable as
/usr/bin/oggenc, encode file format as ~/ogg/%A/%d/%n.ogg. If something
is set wrong, you end up ripping and encoding in seconds, giving you
those small files.

Peter C

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