best remote upgrade method (rh9->fc2)

Paul Rennix paul2004 at
Wed Nov 10 15:10:33 UTC 2004

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Subject: Re: best remote upgrade method (rh9->fc2)

Paul Rennix wrote:

>can anyone give me some advice for a method to upgrade a remote server from
>rh9 to fc2? Preferably via yum or similar as this server is sitting in a
>datacenter 1000
>miles away and I don't have the ability to drop a cd in the drive.
>Also, this is a production server, so some advice on how to this in the
>safest way would be appreciated.
>thanks in advance,

>Use SSH

well yes of course I'll use ssh, but my question is about the method to do 
the upgrade... I want to keep all of my settings and files etc. and upgrade 
from redhat9 to fc2...


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