A tip for ppl who download big iso files like fedora iso's

xray x-raymail at gmx.de
Wed Nov 10 16:37:24 UTC 2004

Serge de Souza wrote:

> VJ wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     I just wanted to share this with users of Fedora. I downloaded 
>> Fedora
>> Core 3 DVD using FTP, cos I was getting 180kbytes per second from
>> ftp.esat.net (in Dublin/Ireland), and lot less than that by 
>> bittorrent. I
>> downloaded that file in a little more than 3 and half hours. Now the 
>> problem
>> cropped up when I tried to burn it using Nero. It complained that the 
>> file
>> was not ISO. I checked the md5sum and it was not the same as Fedora's 
>> site
>> says. I did not want to re-download that again. I initiated the 
>> process of
>> bittorrent download for the same iso file but stopped it after some
>> kilobytes were downloaded. then I replaced the partial iso file 
>> downloaded
>> by bit torrent with the full iso file I had (but was corrupt). then I
>> restarted bit-torrent again and automagically it re-downloaded the 
>> portion
>> of the file that was corrupt. That too in just 3 minutes!!! Saved me 
>> a lot
>> of time. I checked the md5sum after that and it matched the one 
>> available on
>> Fedora's site.
>>  You too can do it for the iso's of CD's as well, i guess.
>> Hope it helps somebody.
>> VJ
> Which client were you using ?
> Serge
Sounds like Azureus (http://azureus.sourceforge.net <- should be)

nice to know ... my download should be finished by now (DSL light ~ 45 
Kbyte down)
I often have corrupt files (even with bittorrent) but never tried to 
re-download it.

Jens / xray

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