Fedora Core 3 - upgrade notes

Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at telus.net
Wed Nov 10 21:19:25 UTC 2004

You have to remember that Fedora Core is considered bleeding edge ! So newbies 
should use at their own risk. :)

Some Things wrote:
> In case anybody cares, here are a few comment from one person's update
> to Fedora Core 3.
> --- Really, really bad ---
> - On my box I need to enter "linux ide=nodma" at the very first prompt or
>   the install soon hangs.  This is terrible.  What if I didn't know
> this.  Its enough
>   to make a newbie give up.  Isn't there a way for the IDE drivers to
> attempt to use
>   DMA and it doesn't work fall back to nodma?
> - Perhaps because of the above during the install, I got the popup dialog
>   saying a package could not be installed because the media might be corrupt.
>   I got this message lots ... maybe 25 times during the whole install.
>   There's a button to retry however, and this is my point, there is no way
>   to SKIP the package.  Once I got this dialog for the words package.
>   I would be happy to skip this package if it meant getting to the end
>   of the install!  Luckily, for me each time I asked it to retry it worked.
>   I seem to recall a skip option in earlier Redhat releases.
> --- Could be better ---
> - The boot is very ugly.  In the rhgb there's a "Show Details" button
> but it seems to click
>   itself at one point.  Later it goes back to "no details" without
> user intervention.
>   There are many screen mode changes as it switches to Kudzu.  It
> seems to have curses
>   problem drawing up.  I tried disabling Kudzu and the details/no details switch
>   still occurs.
> - Its nice that rpm makes .rpmsave backups of config files but it
> should not make
>   the .rpmsave files when there is no change.  
> --- Nit picks ---
> - Why not merge the zip and unzip packages just like both gzip and
> gunzip are in the same package
> - No description for libgpg-error as its installed (I said these were nitpicks)
> - The description for system-config-network-tui begins "NEtwork".  E
> shouldn't be capitalized.
> - The description of the httpd package doesn't mention Apache
> - There are package names with underscore.  But most have dashes.  Inconsistent.
> - Include yam (http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/yam) in next release
> - Isn't it time to rename yp to nis? (eg there's still /etc/yp.conf)
> --- Nice ---
> - Feels faster
> - Firefox
> - /etc/yum.repo.d is good

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