Sharing Samba printer with XP

Ken Barber kenb at
Thu Nov 11 06:22:44 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 9:51 am, Steve Huffman wrote:
> Much is available in the literature and archives about sharing a Samba
> printer with W2K/XP. All is depressing and doesn't seem to capitalize on
> Samba's presence. Is anything new on this topic in FC3? Are there some
> good places to read up?

I tried this and finally gave up.  Since XP understands IPP (Internet Printing 
Protocol) it's a lot easier to just set up XP to work with CUPS.

You still have to get a driver for the printer onto the XP installation 
somehow.  And you have to tweak a couple of CUPS configs to allow raw input. 
I don't remember the details, but the clues were in the CUPS log file after 
trying to print from the XP machine.  Something about setting a MIME type for 
raw printing, which is disabled by default in CUPS.

Hope this helps.  Believe me, it was LOTS simpler than trying to get XP 
working with Samba printers!


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