Problem mounting NFS shares

Alexander Apprich A.Apprich at
Thu Nov 11 11:26:17 UTC 2004

Hi *!

I've just installed FC3 on a brand new box. I configured it
to export its own directories over NFS like I did on the other RH9
boxes. The strange thing is, from any RH9 box (e.g. kidd) I can mount
directories from elmstreet (FC3) over NFS, when I try to mount a
directory from any other machine, I get an "No such file or directory"

The syslog on my RH9 (kidd) box says

Nov 11 12:13:14 kidd rpc.mountd: refused mount request from for /net/kidd/fs3/scr/kidd (/): no export entry

Same thing w/ any other machine. As it works w/ all other Linux
boxes I guess my FC3 box is/has the problem.

If you need more details, let me know.

Any help is grealty appreciated. TIA.


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