Can someone please help I have been stuck for days.

Mathew S. Nowend mathewnowend at
Thu Nov 11 16:44:01 UTC 2004

I installed FC3 and it installs fine.  Upon reboot it completely locks up on
eth0.  I was told it was normal for it to hang a little bit then it would
time out and the installation would continue.  Well instead when the
installation gets to that point the machine completely locks up.  I let the
machine “hang” for over 1 ½ hours and finally had to power down and reboot
the system.  My nic card is plugged into a cable modem and I have tried the
install with and without it plugged into the modem.  Anybody with anybody
ideas?  When I go back to FC2 I get a completely different error upon
install modprobe: Fatal Error: Error inserting floppy
c/lib/modules/2.6.5-1.358/kernel/drivers/block/floppy.ko:No such device So I
am really stuck either way I go.. Any help would greatly be appreciated.




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