problem installing plain kernel 2.6.9 under FC3

Gang Qin gangqin at
Thu Nov 11 18:50:18 UTC 2004

I have problem installing the plain kernel 2.6.9 from under
FC3, but whithout any problem previously under FC2.

I tried to install 2.6.9 with the default LVM filesystem but don't
know how to let the system translate the LVM to device id, so I made
another fresh installation of FC3 without LVM, instead, the old style
of '/dev/hda1', '/dev/hda2', '/dev/hda3'. In this new system, I "make
configure, bzImage, modules, modules_install, and install" for the
plain kernel 2.6.9. I included initrd support in the kernel and I
assume I get the correct initrd.img after 'make install'. But if I try
to boot into the new plain 2.6.9 the system hangs after
"Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel."

There might something new in FC3 and I hope somebody could help me! 


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