GlibC "fix" broke Evolution 1.4.6 on FC2

Temlakos temlakos at
Thu Nov 11 22:57:40 UTC 2004


Since installing today's FC2 glibc "fix," Evolution has been crashing on
me whenever it tries to send a message! If it can somehow get past the
sending part, it can at least receive messages. My e-mail access through
Evolution is sporadic at best, and I've had to install Mozilla Mail just
to have *some* e-mail access. (And Mozilla Mail does not have half the
features of Evolution that I use all the time, such as Virtual Folders.)

I filed a report to, and they said (a) "it's the
same thing we've seen before," and (b) "it's not our fault; there's some
memory corruption going on somewhere." They mentioned the "libc" file at
some point in their correspondence on this issue.

So what now? Must I abandon Evolution completely?


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