Wifi manager for FC3

Frank FIR at Frank.net
Fri Nov 12 12:58:05 UTC 2004

I have begun my migration from Windows to Linux by installing FC3 on my 
laptop, which has internal wifi.  I have the wifi working, but not 

Under windows, changing from one provider to another was as simple as 
clicking an icon in the system tray, clicking view available networks, 
and clicking connect.  I connect to multiple networks with different 
keys and such, and windows would remember my settings for each network 
and connect to whichever one it found automatically.

So far under FC3 I am having to reconfigure my connection manually each 
time I change networks (which if often.)  My guess is that somebody has 
written a tool that takes care of this for me.  Maybe it's even included 
in FC3 and I just don't know it.

How do people address this issue?


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