FC3 mediacheck

Mustafa Orkun moblinux at myrealbox.com
Fri Nov 12 20:09:13 UTC 2004

well,i've downloaded FC3 with bittorent.burned the 5 Cds.but when making 
mediachecks all the cds failed.i've completely deleted FC2 before 
installing FC3 (because i've made some partition changes for linux) so 
i've left only with winxp and doesn't know a way to make md5sums in 
windows.(as described in this list:

 mediacheck failure doesn't mean ISO files are corrutped.

As indicated multiple times in this thread - check md5sums - before
redownloading (and running in the wrong direction/ wasting bandwidth)

md5sum -c MD5SUM

I've already indicated this once. After successful MD5SUM check - boot
with 'linux ide=nodma' and then do the MediaCheck.)

so what do you recommend for me?
the cds look ok(when browsing them in windows)and redownloading them 
really frightens me!if this will be a must what is the guaranteed 
way.i've downloaded FC2 with bittorent and there were no problems.

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