Thunderbird causes "read" messages to vanish!

Robert L Cochran cochranb at
Sun Nov 14 01:54:33 UTC 2004

Dick Roth wrote:

> Having thankfully followed some very good suggestions by others 
> regarding my plight with Evo crashes, I am now using Thunderbird, 
> which hasn't crashed once.  However a strange occurrence:  Mail I have 
> transfered to Local Mail Inbox vanishes once marked as read _and_ I 
> have selected another mailbox to view.  When returning to Inbox, the 
> "read" mail has vanished even though the "Total" count of mail remains 
> unchanged.
> Has anyone run into this?  If so, is there a solution?
> Thanks for listening,
> Dick
I have a variation of this problem, and on the Windows platform. My 
Thunderbird-managed messages stayed around for a while, then 
"disappeared" -- become invisible -- from the particular folder they 
were in. I believe the messages are there, still, and were not deleted. 
But darned if I know how to get Thunderbird to display them until I, the 
user, want to get rid of them.

Bob Cochran

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