Dual Boot issues FC3 "NTLDR is missing"

Kostas Sfakiotakis kostassf at cha.forthnet.gr
Sun Nov 14 23:35:15 UTC 2004

M A Young wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Nov 2004, KIMARIO FAWKES wrote:
>>Booting 'Windows XP'
>>rootnverify (hd0,0)
>>NTLDR is missing
> Shouldn't that be chainloader +1 ?

Yep. It should .

 From the grub info page section chainloading

3. Load the boot loader by the command `chainloader' (*note

           grub> chainloader +1

      `+1' indicates that GRUB should read one sector from the start of
      the partition. The complete description about this syntax can be
      found in *Note Block list syntax::.

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