FC3 boot problem

ehemdal at townisp.com ehemdal at townisp.com
Mon Nov 15 16:20:42 UTC 2004

Hi Mustafa:
> adding a /boot partition means some work on partitioning for
> now.as i am an end user and not experienced,i don't know
> which size  should it be  for the future

When I've done installs, my /boot partition ends up about 100MB, which is
enough space to hold 4 or 5 kernels.  The /boot partition is not for the
bootloader, but for the files that the bootloader handles.

. . .
>> no,i have only one processor, but it has hyper threading
> capabilities.so the smp kernel installs

This makes sense.
> yes,i set a grub password,and i am also suspicious that could
> be the problem.but i don't know how to solve.

I am not certain how to remove the GRUB password, but the man page for
grub-install may give you an option to remove it.

> and i have SATA harddisk,but the partitions are represented
> as hda not sda.maybe this also can be problem.but i don't know

This might be a problem, but if you have a clean installation, I would
guess that the devices are correct.  I'm still wondering where your kernel

Can you boot the rescue CD? and remount the root filesystem?  As far as I
know from FC2, rescue mode gives you instructions for remounting the root
filesystem for repair.  Then a command such as

find / -name "something" 2>/dev/null

should find the file named "something" (don't need the quotes) and you can
use this to find the kernel, initrd, or whatever files you need to find.

If they aren't in a subdirectory called /boot, I think you found your
problem.  Based on your grub.conf, that's where the bootloader is looking.

Hope this helps some.  Post what you find.


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