My applications can't see the Internet connection

marte il guerriero martethewarrior82 at
Wed Nov 17 22:23:21 UTC 2004

I'd like to tell you that I like your Linux Fedora very much. But I also 
have a little problem with it: I tried to connect to the Internet trough 
kppp and everything was ok, I mean that I really was connected to the 
Internet. The problem is that my application don't see my Internet 
connection. For instance, when I open my Web Browser (Opera or Mozilla 
or any) I can't see any web page 'cause my Web Browser can't see the 
network. Note that I am connecting directly to the Internet and not 
trough a proxy.
I am sure you'll be helping me.

Marte il guerriero
e-mail: martethewarrior82 at

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