List etiquette question

Thu Nov 18 19:16:19 UTC 2004

> > I have also noticed that some people, who appear very intellegent
> > by the content of their posts, always have their replys show up
> > as an attachment.  I have "View Attachements Inline" turned on, but
> > they remain as attachements.  Is this on purpose or an anomoly of
> > the combination of mail readers/posters used?
> Most likely PGP/MIME signed emails.  Your mail client doesn't 
> know how 
> to handle them.  Some (most?) mail clients do (even if they 
> don't have 
> support for PGP).  What are you using to read email?  If 
> there is PGP or 
> GPG plugin for your mail reader, after you install it, 
> everything should 
> be fine.
I believe you are correct.  There is usually a signed attachement in addition
to the actual text.  We are required to use M$ Exchange and get our mail through
an exchange server at work.  It also does our calendering.  M$ Exchange is has a
lot of brain damaged features, but the alternative is to buy the Linux exchange 
client myself and install it on a machine here.  I have not gotten that desparate
yet.  I will search for GPG or PGP plugins for this beast.  Thank you for the 

Bob Styma

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