List etiquette question

ian douglas id at
Thu Nov 18 19:51:47 UTC 2004

> it's my understanding that people wanted to force a maximum four-line
> sig because ... no one wanted to pay for peoples sigs. 
> the norm is HTML mail and their sigs are otherwise known as 'tags' 
 > and they come in the form or rather large .jpg or .gif files.
 > it's insane, but it's their right to use them.

If there were only a standard for adding a signature so Email clients 
could strip them off... Maybe an XML-based Email standard with a 
<signature> tagset and an Email client that just dumps the contents of 
that tag. Hmm, that'd be kinda nice.

My favorite, of course, are people who's posting is shorter than their 
.sig, or people who because of corporate management force employees to 
add their legal disclaimers at the bottom of every outgoing Email 
message (intended for the recipient only, destroy your copy, blah blah 
blah) or like my company who asks us to attach a .vcf as well /sigh


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