Grub issues

Kostas Sfakiotakis kostassf at
Thu Nov 18 22:52:04 UTC 2004

Steven Stern wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 05:30:40 -0700, Jesse Hannah <h19h.v0l7a93 at>
> wrote:
>>Maybe this'll help too: Grub was in the master boot record. If someone
>>can help me out, let me know. :) Thanks
>>Jesse (JB) Hannah
> In the short term, boot from your XP CD and press R to get into the Recovery
> Console. From there, use "fixmbr" to restore the XP MBR. 

All i would like to say is this :

You can even use a  Windows 98 SE ( Second Edition ) boot diskette , 
boot the
computer and then at the command prompt give the command .

# fdisk /mbr

This will fix the MBR ( Master Boot Record ) . All the rest remain just 
as Steven said .

  This will, at least,
> get you a working XP system. You can then edit BOOT.INI to call in the boot
> loader on the other, Linux disk.

Kind Regards,

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