OT: Power Supplies

M.Hockings veeshooter at hockings.net
Fri Nov 19 15:00:27 UTC 2004

RoboticGolem wrote:
> Does everyone here agree that a 500watt power supply is sufficient
> enough for a dual MP 1800 board with 4 hard disks, DVDrom, cdrw,
> dvdrw, and plenty of self powered usb hubs?  I'm trying to figure out
> whats up with my computer and my next stop is to call an electrician.
> -Matt

It could be or could not be. Depends upon the quality of the power 
supply, the age of the hard disks (older ones seem to be more of a power 
hog). All power supplies are not equal, some cheapo "500W" supplies 
start to fade before delivering a full 500W. What problem are you 
seeing?  With all that hardware in the box I might be thinking that heat 
is your problem unless the box is well ventilated.


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