Tripwire Update Error(gedit)

Alexander Apprich A.Apprich at
Fri Nov 19 18:47:04 UTC 2004


Mark Sargent wrote:
> Fedora Core 2
> Hi All,
> am studying tripwire. Created a perl script/customized tripwire policy
> file(successfully). Then inited tripwire(tripwire --init) after creating the
> database/passphrases, successfully. Then created a script to run a cron
> job(successfully tested).  I then attempted to update the database so the
> cron job wouldn't be flaged. But, when executing this command:
> tripwire --update --visual gedit --twrfile [filepath] I get the following
> error messages,
> Xlib:connection to ":0.0" refused by server
> Xlib:no protocol specified
> (gedit 14423):Gtk-WARNING**:cannot open display
> Interactive update failed
> ###Error:Editor could not be launched
> ###gedit
> ###exiting...
> Any ideas..? I notice that attempting to open the report file with gedit
> also fails. Looking forward to learning the answer to this 1. Cheers.

For opening a X-based application you need to have access to the
X-Server if it does not belong to you. e.g. you are working as mark,
logged into X, and you run the script as root. root is not allowed to
connect to your X session. Try

   xhost +CLIENTNAME

and as root


then run your script and it should be able to open gedit.

> P.S. If I leave out the --visual gedit part, it opens within the terminal,
> and I'm at a lost of how to exit it from that point, after removing the x
> from whatever I don't want updated. Chers, again.
> Mark Sargent.

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