Disk problems

Randy toucan at tropicalrain.us
Sun Nov 21 00:10:25 UTC 2004

At 09:47 AM 11/20/2004, you wrote:
>I have recently downloaded phedora core 3 from the internet and attempted 
>to install the system. I have a 2.6gh 512 ram 52x dvd cdrw computer, 
>therefore I did not expect any problems. I ran a md5sum check on all the 
>iso files and they checked out ok. I burned the disks at 4x and rebooted. 
>I ran the media check on the first cd and it came out correct. I repeated 
>the process for the other disks and none of the rest passed. Afterwards I 
>attempted to copy disks 2, 3, and 4 to other disks of a different brand, 
>but I got the same results. Finally I decided to try core 2, but 
>unfortunately once again only the first disk worked. I have no idea why 
>this would happen. By the way I also have win xp pro on my computer. Can 
>anyone help me.

This is normal with Fedora core 3.  I hope they get this fixed in the next 
release.  The same thing happened to me.  The first disk passed, and all 
the others failed.  As long as the MD5SUM checked out Ok, go ahead and 
install.  It installs fine.  There's nothing wrong with the disks.  There's 
something wrong with the program that checks them (or the CD-ROM Ide 

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