passing real geometry of hard disk to Linux

Parameshwara Bhat pbhat at
Sun Nov 21 00:56:52 UTC 2004

Dear List,

I want to pass on the real geometry of my new hard disk to linux at a new  
installation boot time. How is it done ?

I have attached a new 40 GB hard-disk to IDE0 bus as slave. My BIOS from  
1999 has a limitation ( so it appears ) and unless I put a jumper for 33.2  
GB limiting, hangs at boot time. But SUSE and Knoppix both have the  
smartness to understand this and provide full capacity of 38.2 GB  
( 4865,255,63 CHS), GRUB also has no problem once LBA mode is set. I am  
trying to reinstall my Fedora on a larger partition of this new drive.  
Partitions are created using Qtparted in knoppix and Windows xp and  
knoppix already reside on the disk. Anaconda only sees capacity at what  
BIOS gives it (4111,255,63 CHS ),  thinks disk partitions are beyond the  
disk ( ! )  and wants to reinitialise the Disk . I tried passing "linux  
hdb=4865,255,63" at  "boot : " which is ignored.

Thanking in advance,

Parameshwara Bhat
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