NX Server/Client help

Julian Underwood mailings at underwoods.net
Sun Nov 21 23:26:35 UTC 2004

I've successfully set up NX Server/Client on two Fedora machines.  So
that is great.  The NX program seems pretty cool, I like it better than
VNC.  I would like to have the ability to connect to ANOTHER machine
(server, running Fedora) which is also on my LAN.  I am having trouble
getting the SSH authentication to work.  Would having denying root ssh
logins be a problem?  I've tried to copy (from the working Fedora
machine) the entire /home/.nx and /etc/nxserver folders (preserving
permissions and user/groups) to the Fedora server which I would like
this to work on also.  I am still having the same problem.  Could anyone
suggest something else I could try?  Maybe I'm missing something to copy
over?  Maybe I have to modify something on the client machine?

PS--I'm aware of the FedoraNews.org article on NX server.



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