FC3 how to enable plain framebuffer or vesa mode for X?

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Mon Nov 22 04:03:34 UTC 2004

Philipp Ott wrote:
> Hello!
> I fail to make FC3 work on my Asus P4S800D motherboard with Geforce FX 
> 5900 graphics card.
> Is there a way to use stock FC3 software to switch X to Framebuffer or 
> Vesa mode without research & compilation? And if so, how to make it? 
> fbset only reports 640x480 mode and I can't switch to anything else.
> Any help welcomed,
> thank you
> Philipp Ott

I don't know much about Nvidia cards. The price shown on a google search 
shows that it is expensive.
You might check out some of the repos for nvidia cards. This information 
  should be in the list archives. Did the nv driver make this card work 
in 2D mode?

If you are interested in switching to vesa, changing just the portion 
where your card driver is listed, then exiting and restarting X might 
help out.

If you added this card to your computer, there might be conflicts with 
the builtin card and the  add-on card. I have this problem with a 
builtin and a pci video card installed on my system.

The way that I overcome s-c-display limiting the max resolution is to 
manually add a higher resolution to the display section of the xorg.conf 
file. Since your card is expensive and it would be chancy to give 
advice, checking the archives for increasing resolutions with editing in 
options to the xorg.conf file and vertical and horizontal range issues 
are discussed in recent day subjects.

Good luck, My bet is this is an addon card and the internal card is 
trying for the same video memory. Your card might have memory internal 
to the card. The configuration tools don't seem to detect this feature 
in my trials with dual-display and single display attempts with both the 
internal and pci card installed. This happens no matter which card is 

Running lspci might give you hints if you have the memory allocation 
problem when two cards exist.


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