Integration of SpamAssassin with Evolution 1.4

Brian Richardson brian at
Mon Nov 22 07:59:51 UTC 2004

A. Lanza wrote:

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>I've noticed that fetching mail is much more slowly this way than
>before, but it's not because of processing time taken by SpamAssassin,
>processor usage stays low. Anybody have an idea of what could be
Regardless of what you're seeing in top, filtering every message through 
spamc is going to take some wallclock time. You might try adding the -s 
262144 (or some other sane number) to your rule to ensure that messages 
with file attachments/overly long HTML messages are not filtered through 
SpamAssassin. The ideal way to run SpamAssassin is at the mail server 
itself, via a procmail recipe. I'm assuming that because you set the 
rules in Evolution that this option is not available to you. You may 
want to consider a fetchmail/procmail combination to preprocess your 
messages, and then read them out of the local spool with Evolution.

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