Nvidia, Intel, and clout

Bill Gradwohl bill at ycc.com
Tue Nov 23 16:09:44 UTC 2004

I've been on this list since early FC1, and Nvidia issues appear to be a 
major problem area. I have no need for high end graphics as all the 
Linux boxes we do are servers, so I've simply avoided the Nvidia 
problems by not purchasing their products. I doubt Nvidia has notices 
any decrease in sales on my account.

Now that Intel has struck a deal with Nvidia, it appears that the Linux 
community is going to see even more issues as more MOBO's come equipped 
with Nvidia chips.

As a community, can't we influence Nvidia to cooperate in driver 
development to resolve these issues for the unfortunates that have 
innocently encountered this stumbling block on the road to Linux 
deployment? There was a time when Linux in general wasn't a major 
player, but that time is long gone. Linux now has clout, and 
straightening out the Nvidia problems may be the venue to exercise it. 
It might also send a signal to other problem vendors that not 
cooperating will have $$$ consequences.

Trade papers like Computer Reseller News, Infoweek, E-Week, etc. 
regularly report on Linux, so why not give them an article that 
factually portrays Nvidia issues in an attempt to "influence" Nvidia's 
sales. If the Fedora Project were to put out a press release stating 
their concerns the major publications would likely print it, and 
purchasers could be better informed leading to fewer problems on this 
list, happier end users, and lowered sales for Nvidia.

Bill Gradwohl
bill at ycc.com
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