Quick survey, multiple drives

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Tue Nov 23 16:19:11 UTC 2004

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 11:01:55 -0500, Paul Tomblin <ptomblin at gmail.com> wrote:
> A quick show of hands here:
> - Do you run Fedora Core 3 with multiple ATA-66 or ATA-100 drives?
> - If so, how are they jumpered and cabled?
> - Can you do large fetches and writes to the second drive without
> getting DMA errors?

Hi Paul, This has not been a problem for me or anyone that I know.  As
long as the filesystem sees the multiple hard drives at install time,
I have not have had any major headaches with multiple drives.  That is
how I have always done multiple drive installs in the past and it has
worked for me as far back as 7.1.  Don't know why FC would be any

I currently use just one drive; but if I had two I would likely be
dedicating one to its own partiton just for ease of use.  Jumper/cable
wise, for myself personally, I would read up on the specs for the
drives and see what it recommends.   Probably wind up putting them
together as master/slave to keep their reads and writes from
interfering with a cdrom device or vice versa.   Possibly leave one on
CS depending on what got 'seen' by the bios.

Why don't you post your partition layout as well as the specific
verbiage of the errors so we can all have a look.

>>the 2.6 kernel seems unable to deal with it.
Again can you be more specific with regards to the error messages?   

Also why don't you see what the latest Knoppix does with it, (3.6)
that should help for comparison of kernels anyway.


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