Nvidia, Intel, and clout

Sean seanlkml at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 23 19:57:41 UTC 2004

On Tue, November 23, 2004 2:43 pm, Bill Gradwohl said:

> Actually, I don't care if they have open source, closed source, or no
> source. How about them recognizing that Fedora Core, Suse, etc needs to
> be supported and they compile a binary at their location and give it to
> the Fedora Project, Suse, etc to include with the distro to have the
> installer recognize it.

The only way to ensure ongoing top-notch support is to open-source the
driver.   Linux is a moving target with internals that change dramatically
and often.   It's not a simple task to release a binary-driver and expect
it to work on more than a very narrow, targetted group of Linux systems.  
This is the nature of Linux and how it develops.   It's geared to benefit
open-source developers, not out of dogma, but out of practicality.


> A bit of militancy for the cause is what I'm suggesting from the folks
> that have the clout to perhaps alter behavior.

As someone else in this thread mentioned, the greatest behavior modifier
for these companies will be stiff competition from a company that benefits
and prospers because it targets the Linux market effectively.


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