FC3 - USB - Ethernet device (gumstix)

Steve Hobbs stevehobbsmail at yahoo.com.hk
Wed Nov 24 12:57:56 UTC 2004

I'm new to Linux, and have installed FC3.  I am trying to connect a
'gumstix' (sbc running Linux - and yes about the size of a piece of
chewing gum) to my FC3 system.  The gumstix has a usb connection and
works as an Ethernet device - like a pda.

I plug the usb connection in, and FC3 recognises a device which appears
as System device in the hardware browser, with manufacturer 
Linux 2.6.9-1.681_FC3smp echi_hcd.  

There are entries in 

showing the vendor id, product id & manufacturer fine.

What I need to do is to enable this device as a network device and then
bridge it to my Ethernet card to pick up an IP address and be usable as
a networked device.

Can anyone direct me to a set of instructions on how to do this please.

Thanks - Steve

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