FC3 Seems to "Freeze" sometimes

Colin O'Flynn coflynn at newae.com
Wed Nov 24 19:02:00 UTC 2004


Hmm.. sounds like some other people are seeing this too! When this happens for 
me I can use Alt-Tab and the alt-tab selection comes up, and I can sometimes 
even switch to a different program.

However the bar at the bottom is totally unresponsive during this time, so 
clicking on the program doesn't bring it up but I can alt-tab to it.

Any running programs continue to run fine - for example Xine if playing some 
music or a movie will continue to play this totally uninterrupted.

As well I can always get to a console by using the ctrl-alt-F2/F3/F4/etc and 
run top if I need too... haven't checked yet what happens exactly, I've just 
killed off Firefox and it seems to go away.

At the time I normally end up having a bunch of things open, like firefox w/ 
acrobat plugin active. Though I'm not really 100% sure what the conditions 
are to cause it because of its seemingly random nature.



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