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Wed Nov 24 19:34:50 UTC 2004

Am Mi, den 24.11.2004 schrieb Søren Neigaard um 20:17:

> Ok you are probably right, I dont "need" the src, thats just how I did
> it the last time.

Because it was the case in the past it doesn't have to be still the
case. With latest FC2 kernel you don't need the source any longer. The
kernel header files are located within the modules directory and are be
found automatically by the NVidia installer.


Even FC2 kernel 2.6.6-1.435.2.3 has this build directory with all
necessary files. Can't say from mind for 2.6.5-1.358 as I don't have it
any more.

> Ok I get it now, I wont get any help here, I will search the archives
> "even though ive read quite a lot mails about NVidia here, and most
> pointed to doing it with the src".

You got help. You asked for getting the kernel source to be able to
build the closed source NVidia driver. And you are told that you don't
need the kernel source for that. You call this "no help"? You only
accept the answers you expect? You was told that the answer is in the
FC3 release notes (well, running FC2 might cause confusion) and in list
archive simply because the question was was handled so many times now
within the last 3 weeks. It is simply frustrating to answer it again and

> /Søren


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