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Thu Nov 25 01:57:58 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 24 November 2004 17:57, Arthur Stephens wrote:
>Doing a server new install yesterday.
>Came in this morning and there was this message on the console of my
>fedora3 box
>INIT: version 2.85 reloading
>Any idea what this is?
>Arthur Stephens
>Sales Technician
>Ptera Wireless Internet
>astephens at

Pursuant to some of the other suggestions, I checked the kernel src 
for that string.  Also /sbin/init.  It (the string BOOBY TRAP) 
doesn't exist in either.  My bet is on the machine having a rootkit 
on it someplace, and as the rest of the respondents suggested, pull 
the power if required, then reboot from a cold start on a rescue cd 
and follow the usual pathology trails suggested by others.

Cheers, Gene
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